Hey Nonprofit Board Member: Are you governing right now? Or are you supporting?

by on September 22, 2011

Jan Masaoka never fails to make me think. In this week’s edition of Blue Avocado, the editor-in-chief nudges us to distinguish between the governance and support roles of nonprofit boards of directors; as well as between the role of the board as a body vs. the role of an individual board member. I love how this model pushes us to think about and makes sense of the complexity of the relationships and roles we play.

Upshot: We govern as a body, as the boss and representing the interests of the community to the organization. We support as individuals, in partnership with or under the direction of staff, representing the interests of the organization to the community.

Many thanks to Jan for the role she plays in shaping the sector. I highly recommend reading the full article: The Governance/Support Model for Nonprofit Boards!




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