More Testimonials

“Words cannot express our appreciation for your fine leadership throughout this process.  You are a tremendously skilled consultant and process person respecting the ideas of all participants .   I look forward to working with you again.”

Louise French, Weavers Guild of Minnesota


“Kim is an outstanding consultant for many kinds of non-profit organizations. She has the ability to listen and synthesize what is being said, taking into account the diversity of experiences and perspectives in the room. She is mindful of the delicate balance between who takes the leadership to move a group in a certain direction. On the nuts and bolts of professionalism, Kim is a pro! She is timely, organized, prepared and capable. An added benefit to any work process is that she’s fun to work with too!”

Gloria Perez, Jeremiah Program


“With Kim’s help our organization unlocked our true potential. Through her guided strategic planning, we were able to see the big picture as well as uncover the small steps that make that vision a reality.”

David Nicholson, Ain Dah Yung


“Kim is an insightful and thoughtful leader and facilitator. Her inquisitive nature combined with her gentle way brings out the best thinking from the clients she serves.”

Judy Alnes, MAP for Nonprofits


“We were happy to bring Kim onboard for our second strategic planning project. I appreciate the multi-faceted approach Kim brings to her work by including people in the planning process from stakeholders and community members to staff and members of the board directors. Her facilitation style encourages engagement and participation by everyone at the table. She offers suggestions but lets the process be driven and owned by those who the plan will affect.”

Yvonne Barrett, Ain Dah Yung


“Kim Vanderwall expertly blends a deep understanding of community issues, non-profit best practices, and realistic goals to ensure quality outcomes for her clients.”

Amy Sanchez, Casa de Esperanza


“Kim has a knack for getting to the heart of an issue, even when other people are distracted by extraneous details. Her enthusiasm for everything she does is contagious and makes working with her fun.”

Lori Wohlrabe, Minnesota Women’s Golf Association